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Slice Tours is a full cycle travel agency providing tour services all over the World.


Your Vacation is our JOB!

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Slice Tours


Beach parties, sun bath, relax, Slice of the Sea
Beach parties, sun bath, relax, Slice of the Sea
Beach parties, sun bath, relax, Slice of the Sea
Excursion tours
Full tour packages


Slice tours provides full tour packages all over the World. 


The suggested packages include air tickets, hotel accommodation, insurance, transfers, visa support, travel consulting, necessary travel materials, excursions and other additional services.

Specialized tour packages


Slice Tours offers specialized tour packages for any taste. 


There are event tours (concerts, fashion shows, sport events etc.), relax tours (springs, spa, healthcare, harmony and meditation), shopping tours (fashion, malls, boutiques etc), eating tours for gourmands (tasty dishes and fantastic beverages for any taste).

Air tickets


Slice Tours provides air tickets for regular routes all over the World as well as for charter lines. Our clients will be happy to find the right ticket to the desired destination.



Slice Tours provides cruise documentation formalization services. The cruises go through the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The liners are comfortable and the routes are interesting.

Tours on credit


Slice Tours offers travel loans for travel services. The loans are being formulated with minimum documentation directly in our office in a short period of time. For more details please contact us, or visit our office.

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50 Nalbandyan, Yerevan, Armenia

+374 91 55 10 20

+374 77 34 55 15

+374 60 73 73 01

+374 10 55 65 15

Կիևյան 19, Երևան, Հայաստան

+374 91 55 10 20

+374 77 34 55 15

+374 10 22 65 15

+374 60 73 73 01

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