History Museum of Armenia

If you follow the articles in our blog, you will definitely know, that Armenia is one of the oldest countries of the world with ancient history and rich culture. According to some historical sources Armenian Highland is the vary cradle of Civilization.

If you have any doubt, just visit History Museum of Armenia, which is located in the Republic Square of Yerevan.

History Museum of Armenia was founded in 1919, but started receiving visitors on 1921. It will be a great opportunity for you to get acquainted with integral picture of the history and culture of Armenia from prehistoric times (one million years ago) till our days. There are 400,000 objects presented in four departments

  • Archaeology

  • Ethnography

  • Numismatics

  • Documents

It is not so easy to represent you all unique specimens, so we will talk about some of them.

First of all,you should know that History Museum of Armenia owns an enormous and exceptional collection of bronze specimens of the 3rd-2ndmillennia BC, which belong to the world treasury of masterpieces.

Than you can admire the sumptuous historical-cultural heritage of Urartu. the powerful Armenian state in the Ancient East: exceptional cuneiform inscriptions, bronze statuettes, wall-paintings, painted ceramics, arms and weapons with sculptural ornamentation, unique specimens of gold, silver and bone, excavated from Karmir Blour, Arin-Berd and Argishtikhinili.

It also presents the rare traces of cultural interrelations with the countries of the AncientEast(Egypt, Mitany, the Hittite kingdom, Assyria, Iran, the Seleucid state, Rome and the Byzantine Empire) in the Armenian Highland.

This unique place also offers you different books, posters, postcards, souvenirs and CDs, which you can find and buy in its museum shop.

In case you are in Yerevan and take a little walk in the amazing Republic Square, don’t miss the opportunity to come and discover the history of a country with a recorded history of more than 3,500 years with your own eyes. Our packages are available for you.

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