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Lake Parz

If you want to enjoy peace and silence, feel the harmony and see how picturesque the nature can be, this article is right for you.

Welcome to one of the unique corners of Armenian Nature Lake Parz. It is located in Dilijan National Park. The lake was formed by natural climatic changes. It is 1350 m high above sea level and 9km far from Dilijan. So you can enjoy the road walking through the forest.

There is no “best time’’ for visiting Lake Parz, because it has a stunning view any time of the year. The water is transparent and has greenish shade and reflects the view of the thick forest, which decorates the lake.

According to the legend, a newly married couple was drowned in that lake. After their death, it became a tradition for couples in their wedding day to visit here and to commemorate the death of the dead couple.

But the beauty of Lake Parz is not the only reason why you should come here. It also offers tourists boats, fishing, camping etc.

Don’t bother if you are hungry after all of these activities. You can organize a picnic or visit a wonderful restaurant, which is very close to the lake.

Do you still think what you are going to do? Just take your camera with you and come to discover this fantastic place. Our packages are available for you.

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