The temple of Garni

If you are traveling in Armenia and want to discover its ancient monuments, every Armenian will defiantly tell you to go to Garni’s pagan temple. It is one of the best-known structures and a symbol of pre- Christian Armeniamade byHellenistic Architectural style.

You just need to travel 30 kilometers away from Yerevan in order to reach this pagan temple. It is located in Kotayk region and was dedicated to the sun god Mihr, as a symbol of light.

According to the legendGarni’s pagan temple was built in 77 BC, 2nd century and the founder of it was Gegham, who (one of the heirs of Hayk) named the temple in honor of his grandson Garnik.

Ashistorians claim the structure was probably built by king Tiridates I in the first century AD.

Garni’s pagan temple has 24 columns symbolized 24 hours. One of the most amazing things about Garni’s temple is the ancient bathroom which has 5 rooms in it discovered by archaeologists during the excavations. The most fascinating work is the mosaic floor which was made from natural stones of 15 different colors. The mosaic theme was taken from Greek mythology.

In 1679 the earthquake destroyed the temple, but it was recovered in 1930. Now it is one of the main tourist attractions in Armenia. So, we invite you to come and discover the true and unique masterpiece of Hellenistic architecture in Armenia. Our packages are available for you.

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