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Armenian musical instruments

Armenia is one of the most ancient countries in the world with a rich cultural heritage. National music is one of the best ways to discover and enjoy the uniqueness of Armenian culture.

Our national music has originated in the second millennium B.C. The most important component of the Armenian national music is Armenian national instruments, because due to them national music finds a way to speak with people and to tell them the story of Armenia. So due to this article you will get acquainted with Armenian musical instruments.

Duduk is easily the most recognizable Armenian musical instrument.There are several stories about how and when duduk was invented. According to one of the theories it was invented in the 8th century B.C. Another version states that it was invented in the 1 century B.C. In other words, it is so ancient that it is difficult to find the first source.

Duduk has a soft, colorful timbre, inimitable and unique sound. Usually it is made of apricot wood. Its creation is a ritual that lasts more than 6 months. So it is not just a musical instrument, it is a national pride, value, which has become a card of the country and the people. Duduk and the music of it have been declared Masterpieces of Intangible Heritage by UNESCO.

Zurna is an another wind instrument. Its bright and fulgurating tone is for more active and cheerful melodies. Zurna was widely used in everyday life-it accompanied grape gathering, grain grinding, cloth making, tight rope walkers’ feasts, popular games, etc. Today Zurna is played at weddings and other public festivals, usually in the open air.

Kanon is an Armenian stringed instrument, which has a table lake body and 24 strings. The name derives from the Arabic word “kanun”, which means “rule”. In order to play the instrument, the musician should wear a pick on the index finger and place the instrument on the left knee.

Kamancha is kind of a violin, but they are quite different with appearance, as well as with holding the musical instrument. It is held vertically. In order to play it a horsehair bow is needed. Kamancha has a pleasant and soft sound.

Come and feel the spirit of our ancient country due to Armenian music. It will defiantly touch your soul. Our packages are available for you.

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