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Armenian cuisine: Dishes you must try

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” George Bernard Shaw

If you share this opinion and want to know how delicious food can be, you are in a right place. Armenian cuisine is as ancient as its history. The cuisine here is so rich and various, that it will satisfy the tastes and preferences of any tourist. Even the most rigorous gourmets won’t remain indifferent.


If you want to try the fantastic taste of the sun, then probe our particular recipe of Ghapama. It is pumpkin stuffed with rice, dried fruit, raisins nuts, honey and butter. People loved it so much that they even composed a song about it. People merrily serve it to the table, singing: ‘Hey, janghapama, delicious and aromatic ghapama. Hey, janghapama, with honey inside ghapama.”

Ghapama is a complex dish, and in olden times, the whole family was involved in cooking it. Ghapama has also been the subject of many legends. According to them it was believed that pumpkin was a symbol of Planet Earth, rice was of mankind, while dried fruits and nuts were of the people of various faiths and ethnicities. And ghapama was cooked so that there

could be peace on Earth.

Sevan Trout

Fish dishes are also very popular in Armenia. Different types of fish are bred in Lake Sevan, but the most delicious is a trout, which is called ishxan – “a royal fish”. The fish is boiled, stewed, fried, and cooked on skewer or on coal. Traditional fish dishes are kchuch and kutap.

Zhengyalov hats (Bread stuffed with greens)

Up to 20 types of greens with dough. This is what ArmenianZhengyalov hats consists of. Making it is a ceremony that is meant to bring family members and friends together. By the way, translated from Persian, the word Jangyal means forest and is associated with jungle.This may be the healthiest stuffed bread you have ever tasted.


Do you have a sweet tooth? Armenian cuisine has something special for you too. Gata is a multi-layered cake, each layer of which is saturated with melted butter and sugar. That’s why it has such soft dough and delicate flavor. During the holidays Gata is mandatory to prepare.

Come to Armenia, discover the taste of it. Our packages are available for you.

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