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Stepanavan Dendropark

Do you share the opinion, that Armenia is a country of rocks and stones? Before your answer let’s get acquainted with a special botanical garden in Armenia, which can admire anyone with its marvelous nature.

Of course we are talking about one of the remarkable districts of Armenian nature Sochut dendropark of Stepanavan. It is located 12km away from Stepanavan (Lori Region) and 155km north from Yerevan. Local climate at Dendropark is cool as the area of 1550 meters above the sea level.

It was established by Polish engineer forester Edmund Leonowicz, who had worked as the director of the botanical garden since 1984. Afterwards his son took the position of director.

You might ask a question: Why should I visit this place.

First of all, here you can find a peaceful, quiet and serene atmosphere. Second, the air of Sochut is healthy, and many people come here from large cities to escape the polluted air and to fix their respiratory system.

Third, Stepanavan Dendropark is a great place, if you are scientifically interested in plants and want to know more about them not from books, but by seeing them with your own eyes.

The park is a natural forest with many ornamental trees and plants, lime trails and different wild plants. The most part of them was brought from the Yerevan’s Botanical Garden, also from other countries such as Russia, Georgia, Ukraine and other eastern countries. A numerous species of plants was brought from Germany, French, Portugal, China, and the USA.

The collection of plants represents a great scientific development of species in uncommon climatic conditions. For 30 years continuously the scientists had tested 2500 species of plants try to find out those that would survive here. But only 500 species and forms of trees could succeed in growing in the cold climate.

Among the plants that were brought to the park and which found home there are the beautiful and splendid Magnolia, Larch Larix Decidua, evergreen cypress, Syberian pine, Cryptomeria and Sequoiadendron. Among the native plants are Carpinus caucasica (hornbeam), Tilia caucasica (Caucasian lime), Tilia cordata (Little-leaf linden), Fagus orientalis (Oriental beech), Ulmus elliptica (Elliptic elm), Ulmus scabra, Ulmus foliacea, Quercus macranthera (Caucasian/Persian Oak), Quercus iberica (Georgian oak), Quercus longipes, Pyrus communis (European pear) and so on.

Noteworthy, there is a small wooden bridge in the park. It is believed that if you are crossing it for the first time, then you can make a wish, and be sure it will come true.

If you want to come and discover the amazing nature of Armenia, don’t hesitate and visit Stepanavan Dendropark. Our packages are available.

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