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Resort town Jermuk

If you want to enjoy a perfect relaxation, probably you need breathtakingly beautiful nature and favorable mountainous climate. In this case Armenian resort town Jermuk is a great stop for you. Here you can find picturesque spots, mountains, healing mineral waters, sanatoriums and more. It is located in Vayots Dzor Province at the south of Armenia, at a distance of 173 km from Yerevan.

Jermuk waterfall

While visiting Jermuk one of the ‘’must see’’ attractions is Jermuk waterfall. It reminds of girly hair. Hence it is not accidental that the other name of the waterfall is mermaid's hair. Jermuk waterfall has 72 m height and flows into the river Arpa.

There is a wonderful belief about this waterfall. According to the legend, the castle of an Armenian nobleman was located on the steep cliffs. He had a marvelously beautiful daughter, and men from all over the world asked her to marry one of them. But she refused everyone, because her heart belonged to a brave and handsome man: shepherd’s son.

Every day after midnight from the room window the lady threw a long rope into the gorge so that her beloved one could reach her house. Once the nobleman found the rope and everything became clear to him. In anger he cursed his daughter saying: “If you meet him again, I want you to become a mermaid and never be able to come out of water”.

During next meeting the lady threw her hair instead of the rope. But at that very moment her father’s curse became true. She became a mermaid and her hair – the waterfall.

Jermuk ropeway-bridge to the miracles

If you are an active rest lover, Jermuk has a great suggestion for you.

It has an awesome ropeway which enables the mountain-skiers to enjoy the professional ski-runs and the panoramic view of Jermuk city. Jermuk ropeway which has a length of 1000m and the highest point is 2480m, meets international standards making it a wonderful destination for both locals and tourists.

Water Gallery

If you have some health issues, just head to Jermuk’s Water Gallery, find out what type of water is good for your problem and wait for the magical power of water to wash your pain away.

The waters are different and each of them is believed to have different properties and accordingly, cures different diseases. There are waters that treat liver problems and cancer too.

Jermuk’s Water Gallery represents several pipes, coming out from the walls. Natural and healthy mineral water flows from them right into stone urns designed for that purpose.

And the most interesting part about all this is that the water temperature is shown next to the pipe, so that people know what they are going to try beforehand.

But wait, Jermuk offers you something more. Here you can visit high-quality sanatoriums and undertake mineral water treatment. In order to satisfy your hunger and learn what real Armenian hospitality is, you can visit best restaurants of Jermuk, which are famous for good service and cozy atmosphere.

In a word, it does not matter whether you are an adventure seeker, or just

want to finally get rid of some health issues, Jermuk is an ideal destination for every type of person. Our packages are available for you.

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