The Cascade Complex

There is a special place in Yerevan from where the whole city can be seen as if in your palm. This place calls the Cascade Monument. It is a system of huge staircases, which connects the downtown areas and residential areas, located on the surrounding hills.

The complex was originally conceived by the architect of Yerevan Alexander Tamanyan. At the foot of the Cascade you can see his monument looking at his plan of the city Yerevan.

Building the Cascade Monument began in the 1970s and was partially completed in 1981. A second phase lasted through the mid-2000s. bringing in works of modern art from an Armenian-American collector Gerard Leon Cafesjian.

Currently there are 572 steps in Cascade Monument.

If you want to do something physical, climbing the stairs to the top it can be the best exercise for you. But if it is tiring for you, there is also an escalators going the length of the complex. Inside it there are gallery rooms connected to some of the landings along the escalators which comprise Cafesjian Center for the Arts. It consists of various notable galleries, where you can see the best of contemporary art and also the best of Armenian culture. For example, Gallery One, Khanjian Gallery, where a huge number of exhibitions are periodically organized.

If you want to take something unique from Armenia, the museum store inside the Cascade complex is a perfect place for you. It offers not only Armenian crafts and arts, but also works of various artists from all over the world.

You can also entertain yourself outside the Cascade complex. In front of it there are not only many green areas, but also a lot of interesting contemporary sculptures and statues that will defiantly attract your attention.

One of the most famous sculptures is “The Black Cat” by the famous South American artist Fernando Botero. Around the Cascade there are a lot of cafes, so if you are hungry, there is no need to walk for a long time.

Visit the ancient city Yerevan and see one of the biggest tourist attractions. Our packages are available for you.

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