Traditional Armenian bread lavash

If you asked Armenians what is the pride of Armenian cuisine, which you can find probably in every Armenian table, the answer would be simple: lavash. It is a traditional thin bread, which comes from an ancient time.

With the rising of the Sun a small group of Armenian women make the fire in underground located oven tondir and start making lavash.

For making the dough of lavash basically you need 3 ingredients: wheat flour, water and salt. Elder woman of the family blend the dough of lavash, form it into balls, than roll the balls into thin layers and stretch them over an oval cushion. After that they slap the layers against the walls of the tondir.

Although making the dough of lavash is not hard, but the baking process requires experience and coordination. Armenian women make the thin layers with special hand movements. The process accompanied by nice conversations, songs and jokes.

Usually people eat lavash with greens, cheese or meat. There are also Armenian dishes, which you can not imagine without lavash. The most famous one is Khash. It served with dried lists of lavash.

Armenians also put lavash under the barbeque. After eating a barbeque they enjoy lavash, which gains a special taste due to barbeque.

Lavash plays a ritual role in weddings. A mother of a bridegroom places it

on the shoulders of newlyweds to bring fertility and prosperity.

It is not accidental that baking lavash is a group work, because it strengthens family, community and social ties. Though it is a tradition that only women bake lavash, but men are also involved in this process through the practices of making cushions and building ovens.

In July 2014 lavash was added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list as an expression of Armenian culture.

If you want to visit Armenia and taste traditional Armenian bread, our

packages are available for you.

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